.BDB File Extension

A .BDB file is a Microsoft Works Database Backup File, created by Microsoft.

Open with Microsoft Works (Discontinued). Available for Windows.

What is a .BDB file?

The .BDB file extension is used for a backup file of a Microsoft Works Database. This means it is a copy of a database file (which has the extension .WDB) made by the program Microsoft Works. The purpose of creating a .BDB file is to have a backup or a safety copy in case the original .WDB database file gets damaged or corrupted. This backup process is done automatically by Microsoft Works to help protect your data.

To open a .BDB file, you would typically use Microsoft Works, but it's important to note that Microsoft Works has been discontinued and is no longer available for new users. However, if you still have Microsoft Works installed on your computer, you can use it to open .BDB files. Another option is to use Microsoft Access 365, a more recent and supported program from Microsoft that can work with various database files.

One key thing to remember is that to open a .BDB file in Microsoft Access 365 or even sometimes in Microsoft Works, you might need to change the file extension from ".bdb" to ".wdb". This is because the program may only recognize the file as a database if it has the .WDB extension, which is the standard extension for Microsoft Works databases.

In summary, a .BDB file is a backup for a Microsoft Works database file. Although Microsoft Works is discontinued, you can still open .BDB files with Microsoft Access 365 by possibly changing the file extension to .WDB. This ensures that you can access and use your backup database file when needed.


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