.BDD File Extension

A .BDD file is a CARA Sound Radiation Data File, created by CARA.

Open with CARA Loudspeaker Editor. Available for Windows.

What is a .BDD file?

The .BDD file extension is used for a specific type of file known as a CARA Sound Radiation Data File. This file contains important information about how sound spreads or radiates in a particular space, such as a room. This information is crucial for making calculations about room acoustics, which is the study of how sound behaves in an enclosed space. These .BDD files are used by a software called CARA, which stands for Computer Aided Room Acoustics. CARA is a tool that helps people simulate and understand how sound will act in different rooms or spaces. This can be very useful for designing spaces with specific acoustic needs, like concert halls, theaters, recording studios, or even your living room, to make sure it sounds just right.

When you are working on creating a custom loudspeaker model in CARA, you will save this sound radiation data in a .BDD file. This file works together with another file called a .BOX file to give a complete picture of how the loudspeaker will interact with the room acoustics.

To open a .BDD file, you would use the CARA Loudspeaker Editor. This is a part of the CARA software that specifically deals with editing and creating loudspeaker models. By using this program, you can input or modify the sound radiation data stored in the .BDD file to help design or improve the acoustic properties of a room or space according to your needs.


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