.BDO File Extension

A .BDO file is a Binding Data Object, created by NATO Standardization Office.

Open with Microsoft Visual Studio Code. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .BDO file?

A .BDO file is a special type of file known as a Binding Data Object. It is created following a specific format set by the NATO Standardization Office, under the guidelines of Allied Data Publication 4778. Essentially, BDO files are .XML files. This means they are structured in a way that they can hold information (metadata) about other data, making it easier to understand and organize the data they are associated with. One important feature of BDO files is that they can be digitally signed. This digital signature is a way to ensure that the file you are receiving is genuine and hasn't been tampered with, providing a layer of security and authenticity.

To open a .BDO file, you can use several programs, but the most straightforward options include Microsoft Visual Studio Code and any basic text editor you have on your computer. Microsoft Visual Studio Code is a more advanced tool that offers features like syntax highlighting and auto-completion, making it easier to read and edit .BDO files. On the other hand, any simple text editor (like Notepad on Windows, TextEdit on Mac, or Gedit on Linux) can also open these files, but without the advanced features. Since .BDO files are essentially .XML files, they are text-based, and thus, any program that can read text files should be able to open them.


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