.BDP File Extension

A .BDP file is a Exchange Diagnostic Message, created by Microsoft.

Open with Microsoft Exchange Server. Available for Windows.

What is a .BDP file?

The .BDP file extension is associated with a type of file known as an Exchange Diagnostic Message. This kind of file is created by Microsoft Exchange, which is a program used by businesses to manage emails, calendars, and tasks. When Microsoft Exchange tries to deliver an email and fails, it generates a .BDP file. This file acts like a detective, providing clues as to why the email couldn't be delivered. Inside the .BDP file, there's a reference to another file, usually with the .EML extension. This .EML file typically contains a non-delivery report (NDR), which is like a detailed error message explaining what went wrong with the email delivery.

To open a .BDP file, you would need to use Microsoft Exchange Server. This is because the .BDP file is specifically designed to work within the Microsoft Exchange environment. Microsoft Exchange Server is a complex program that helps businesses manage their communication and collaboration needs. It's not typically used by individual users but rather by IT professionals within organizations. So, if you come across a .BDP file and you need to see what's inside or understand why an email wasn't delivered, you would ask your organization's IT department or someone who has access to the Microsoft Exchange Server to open it for you.


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