.BEA File Extension

A .BEA file is a Bezel Engine Archive, created by Nintendo.

Open with Bezel Engine Archive Editor. Available for Windows.

What is a .BEA file?

A .BEA file is a special type of file that is used in making video games for the Nintendo Switch, like Super Mario Party, Tetris 99, and WarioWare: Get It Together!. The "BEA" stands for Bezel Engine Archive. This file is important because it holds different parts of the game, like images, sounds, and other game elements, all packed together in a way that makes them use less space. This is helpful because it means the game can run better and take up less room on the console.

To work with or change these .BEA files, there is a specific program called the Bezel Engine Archive Editor. This program lets people open these files and edit the game's assets, which could be useful for game developers or people interested in how the game is made. However, for most players of the game, this file and program aren't something they'll need to use; it's more for the people who create and modify games.


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