.BHX File Extension

A .BHX file is a BinHex Encoded File, created by Various.

Open with Smith Micro StuffIt Deluxe. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .BHX file?

A .BHX file is a special type of file that is used to store information in a way that can be easily sent over the internet, especially through email. This file is made using a method called BinHex encoding. This method takes files that computers use, like pictures, videos, and documents, and turns them into text or a series of numbers and letters. This was very useful back when the internet was slower and sending regular files through email was more difficult.

The .BHX file is like a container that holds the original file in a different form. To get back the original file from a .BHX file, you need to use certain programs that can understand the BinHex encoding and turn it back into the original file. Some of the programs that can open and extract the original file from a .BHX file include: - Smith Micro StuffIt Deluxe: This is a program that can handle many types of compressed and encoded files, including .BHX files. - Corel WinZip: Another popular program that can open .BHX files, known for working with zip files but also supports many other file types. - ESTsoft ALZip: This is a program specifically designed to work with compressed and encoded files, making it a good choice for .BHX files. - Apple Archive Utility: If you are using a Mac, this tool comes with the operating system and can handle .BHX files. - The Unarchiver: This is a free program for Mac users that can open many types of files, including .BHX. - Smith Micro StuffIt Deluxe Mac 16: This is the Mac version of StuffIt Deluxe, tailored for Mac users to work with various file types. - Incredible Bee Archiver: Another Mac program that can manage .BHX files among its capabilities.

BinHex was originally created for the Classic Mac OS as a way to make it easier to send binary files over the internet when it was not as robust as it is today. While .BHX files are not as common anymore, they are still used in some cases, and knowing how to open them can be very useful. The most common extensions for BinHex files are .HQX, .HEX, or .hcx, but sometimes you might come across a .BHX file, which is just another type of BinHex file.


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