.BIZ File Extension

A .BIZ file is a Broderbund Business Card File, created by Broderbund.

Open with Broderbund The Print Shop. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .BIZ file?

The .BIZ file extension is used for a type of file called a Broderbund Business Card File. This means it's a project file specifically for creating business cards using software made by a company called Broderbund. When you make a business card with one of Broderbund's programs, it can save your work as a .BIZ file. This file can have text, like your name and contact information, and images, like your company logo. You can start making your business card by choosing a pre-made design (template) or by creating your own unique design from scratch.

To open and work with a .BIZ file, you need specific programs from Broderbund. These programs include: - Broderbund The Print Shop: A program that lets you create various print projects, including business cards. - Broderbund PrintMaster 2020: Another program for creating a wide range of print projects. The 2020 version is one of the latest and has features for making business cards. - Broderbund The Print Shop for Mac: This is a version of The Print Shop that works on Mac computers, allowing Mac users to create business cards and other print projects.

It's also worth noting that .BIZ files were once created by a program called American Greetings CreateACard. However, this program is no longer available, and Broderbund PrintMaster has taken its place. This means if you have old .BIZ files from CreateACard, you should be able to open and edit them with Broderbund PrintMaster.


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