.BKS File Extension

A .BKS file is a Microsoft Works Spreadsheet Backup File, created by Microsoft.

Open with Microsoft NTBackup. Available for Windows.

What is a .BKS file?

The .BKS file extension is associated with a type of file called a Microsoft Works Spreadsheet Backup File. This file is specifically used by a program on Windows computers called NTBackup. NTBackup is a tool that helps users make backup copies of their important files, ensuring that they don't lose their data.

A .BKS file contains a list that is written in plain, simple text. This list includes the names of directories (which are like folders on your computer) and files that have been chosen to be backed up. It can also have instructions about which specific directories or files should be included in the backup or which ones should be left out. Additionally, it can give instructions to backup the system state, which includes files, settings, and registry information that are crucial for the Windows operating system to run properly.

To open a .BKS file, you would typically use the Microsoft NTBackup program. This program reads the .BKS file to know what needs to be backed up. After reading the .BKS file, NTBackup proceeds to create a backup file with the extension .BKF. This .BKF file is where all the backed-up data is stored. Essentially, the .BKS file acts as a guide for NTBackup, telling it exactly what to backup.

In summary, .BKS files are important for creating automated backups of files on Windows computers. They help in saving not just regular files, but also important system information that ensures your computer runs smoothly. To work with .BKS files, you would use the Microsoft NTBackup program, which can read these files and create comprehensive backups based on the instructions they contain.


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