.BKZ File Extension

A .BKZ file is a FileFort Backup File, created by NCH Software.

Open with NCH FileFort. Available for Windows.

What is a .BKZ file?

The .BKZ file extension is a type of file known as a FileFort Backup File. This kind of file is made by a software called FileFort, which is designed to help people save copies of their files as a precaution against data loss. FileFort can save these backup copies onto different storage options like CDs, DVDs, external hard drives, or even online storage spaces such as FTP servers or Google Drive.

When you have a .BKZ file, it means you have a backup of some files that were created using FileFort. If you ever lose the original files or if they get damaged, you can use this .BKZ file to bring them back. To do this, you simply need to double-click on the .BKZ file, and FileFort will automatically put the backed-up files back where they originally were on your computer.

To open a .BKZ file, you will need to use the NCH FileFort software. This is the program that understands how to read and restore the data saved in the .BKZ file format. FileFort is quite flexible, allowing users to either manually create backups whenever they choose or set up a schedule. When scheduled backups are set, FileFort will automatically make these .BKZ backup files at the specified times. This is a handy way to ensure your files are regularly backed up without having to remember to do it yourself.


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