.BLD File Extension

A .BLD file is a Envisioneer Building Project File, created by Cadsoft.

Open with Cadsoft Envisioneer. Available for Windows.

What is a .BLD file?

A .BLD file is a type of computer file used by a program called Envisioneer. Envisioneer is a special software tool that architects, designers, and even regular people use to create detailed plans and designs for buildings. This could include designing a new house, planning renovations for an existing building, or even imagining a large architectural project. The "BLD" in the file name stands for "Building Project File," which means it contains all the information needed to show what a building will look like and how it will be put together.

When you open a .BLD file in Envisioneer, you can see both 2D and 3D views of the building. This includes everything from the basic structure, like walls and roofs, to the details inside, such as furniture and lighting. It's like having a virtual model of a building that you can explore and change on your computer.

To work with .BLD files, you need to have the Envisioneer software. Envisioneer comes in different versions, including Essentials for basic projects, Professional for more complex designs, Construction Site for managing construction projects, and Express, which might be easier for beginners to use. Each version has different features, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

Besides designing buildings, .BLD files are also useful for other important tasks. They help in creating detailed documents that show how a building should be constructed, choosing the right materials for the construction, and making sure that the design meets all the necessary specifications. Before any actual construction starts, these files can be used to create a virtual walkthrough of the building. This way, designers and clients can see what the finished project will look like and make any needed changes ahead of time.

If needed, .BLD files can be converted into a different format known as .DWG, which is a common file type used in many other architectural and design programs. This makes it easier to share designs with people who might be using different software.

In summary, .BLD files are an essential part of the design and construction process when using the Envisioneer software. They allow for detailed and precise building planning, from the initial design phase all the way through to construction, making it easier to visualize and achieve the final project.


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