.BLZ File Extension

A .BLZ file is a Compressed Bitmap Image, created by N/A.

Open with TUniBitmap. Available for Windows.

What is a .BLZ file?

The .BLZ file extension refers to a type of compressed bitmap image. This means it is a digital picture file similar to the common .BMP format, but it has been compressed to make the file size smaller. This compression helps in saving space and makes it easier to transfer the images, especially useful in video games where many images are used and need to be efficiently stored.

To open or use .BLZ files, you can use a program called TUniBitmap. Additionally, if you have these files on your computer and want to transfer them to a mobile phone, you can use the BLZ Installer application. This application is specifically designed to work on Nokia phones and allows you to install the .BLZ files once they are transferred to the phone.

If you need to work with .BLZ files on your computer, you can use a tool called BLZ Extractor. This utility helps in extracting the images from the compressed .BLZ file format so that they can be viewed or edited.

It's important to note that .BLZ files are also used in N-Gage games, which are distributed with the .N-GAGE file extension. Although .BLZ files can sometimes be uploaded to other devices that use the Symbian OS to play games, this method is unofficial and not supported by Nokia, meaning it might not work properly or could cause issues with your device.


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