.BMA File Extension

A .BMA file is a TheEngine 3D Model, created by 1C Company.

Open with 3D Object Converter. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .BMA file?

A .BMA file is a type of 3D model file specifically used by video games that run on TheEngine, such as Dawn of Magic, Elven Legacy, Fantasy Wars, or No Time for Dragons. This file format contains a collection of meshes, which are essential for displaying the shapes and forms of characters or objects within the game environment. Essentially, these meshes are the building blocks that visually represent various elements in the game.

The .BMA file format is closely related to another file format used by TheEngine, known as .BMS. Both file types are integral to how the game engine handles and displays 3D models, but they may store different kinds of data or structures specific to the engine's requirements.

To open or work with .BMA files, you can use a program called 3D Object Converter, which allows for viewing and converting various 3D model formats. Additionally, the video games that utilize TheEngine, developed by 1C Company, naturally support and can open .BMA files as part of their operation, since these files contain necessary data for the game's visual elements.


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