.BMK File Extension

A .BMK file is a Windows Help Bookmarks, created by return7.

Open with return7 BillMinder. Available for .

What is a .BMK file?

The .BMK file extension is associated with a backup file created by BillMinder, which is a personal bill reminder application designed for iOS devices. This file type saves an encrypted backup containing a snapshot of the user's data. The purpose of this backup is to enable users to restore their bill reminder information within the application if needed. The encryption ensures that the user's data is secure and protected.

Programs that Open .BMK Files: The primary program that can open .BMK files is BillMinder, which is available on iOS devices. This application is developed by return7, a company that specializes in mobile applications.

More Information: In addition to being used by BillMinder for backup purposes, .BMK files are also utilized to share movie reviews and comments over email and the internet. This suggests that the .BMK format may be versatile in its use, although its primary function is to serve as a backup for BillMinder users.


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