.BOM File Extension

A .BOM file is a Mac OS X Bill of Materials File, created by Apple.

Open with Apple Installer. Available for Mac.

What is a .BOM file?

A .BOM file is a special kind of file used by Mac computers. It stands for Bill of Materials. Think of it like a list that helps the Mac computer figure out what to do when you're adding, updating, or taking away software. This list includes details about the software files, like who owns the file, how big it is, when it was last changed, and a special check to make sure the file is okay.

When a program is installed or updated on a Mac, the computer uses the .BOM file to know exactly what needs to be done. It's like a recipe that the computer follows to make sure everything is in the right place.

These .BOM files are usually kept in a special folder on the Mac called /Library/Receipts/boms. They're not meant for us to open and look at. Instead, the Mac computer uses them in the background to help manage software.

However, if someone really needs to open a .BOM file, there are a few programs that can do it. The main one is the Apple Installer that comes with the Mac. There are also other programs like CharlesSoft Pacifist and Echo One File Juicer that can open these files, but they're more for people who know a lot about computers and need to do special things.

In short, .BOM files are important for Mac computers to manage software properly, but they're not something most of us will ever need to open or worry about.


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