.BPA File Extension

A .BPA file is a StorageSync Backup Archive, created by SimpleTech.

Open with SimpleTech StorageSync. Available for Windows.

What is a .BPA file?

The .BPA file extension is used for a type of file known as a StorageSync Backup Archive. This kind of file is essentially a backup, which means it's a saved copy of your data that can be used to restore your computer or files in case something goes wrong, like if your files get deleted by accident or your hard disk crashes.

These .BPA files are created by a program called StorageSync. StorageSync is a backup software that comes with some storage devices made by a company called SimpleTech. When you use StorageSync to back up your data, it can save either certain files and folders you choose or it can back up the entire contents of your hard disk, depending on what you need. All this backed-up data is stored in a file that ends with the .BPA extension.

If you need to open a .BPA file, you would typically use the SimpleTech StorageSync program. This is the software that originally created the file, so it's naturally suited to open and restore the data from these backup files. There isn't a wide range of programs that can open .BPA files because they are specific to StorageSync and the SimpleTech devices, so using StorageSync is your best bet for accessing the contents of a .BPA file.


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