.BPL File Extension

A .BPL file is a AutoCAD Batch Plot File, created by Embarcadero Technologies.

Open with Embarcadero Delphi. Available for Windows.

What is a .BPL file?

The .BPL file extension is associated with AutoCAD, a professional computer-aided design (CAD) application widely used by architects, engineers, and professionals in the construction and design industries. AutoCAD enables users to create detailed 2D and 3D drawings of various objects, including industrial components, buildings, vehicles, and furniture. A .BPL file is a type of dynamic-link library (DLL) file. In the context of Delphi, a software development platform, .BPL files can contain run-time packages for compiled applications or components that extend the Delphi Integrated Development Environment (IDE). These files are beneficial because they can be shared across multiple projects, making development processes more efficient.

The primary function of .BPL files in AutoCAD is to store batch plot lists. These lists are collections of files that users frequently send to printers or plotters. By saving these lists in a .BPL file, users can quickly publish their drawings without having to manually select and organize them each time, saving a significant amount of time and effort.

To open a .BPL file, you can use Embarcadero Delphi, a software development tool that supports the creation and management of these files. Delphi allows developers to work with .BPL files for various purposes, including enhancing the functionality of the Delphi IDE or creating run-time packages for applications.

It's important to note that AutoCAD supported .BPL files up to its 14th version. After that, AutoCAD transitioned to using .BP3 files for storing batch plot lists. Therefore, if you are using a version of AutoCAD newer than version 14, you will likely encounter .BP3 files instead of .BPL files for batch plotting purposes.


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