.BQY File Extension

A .BQY file is a Brio Query File, created by Brio Software.

Open with Microsoft Internet Explorer with Brio Insight plug-in (Discontinued). Available for Windows.

What is a .BQY file?

A .BQY file is a type of file used by a program called Brio Insight, which works with the web browser Internet Explorer. This file contains a query, which is a request for information. When the .BQY file is opened and the query is run, it retrieves data from a server and displays a report on the client's computer. This process helps in analyzing business data and making decisions based on the insights provided by the report.

How to Open: To open a .BQY file, you need to have the Brio Insight plug-in installed in Internet Explorer. However, it's important to note that this plug-in has been discontinued, which means it might not be supported in newer versions of Internet Explorer or other browsers.

Alternative Program: If you cannot use Internet Explorer with the Brio Insight plug-in, another option is to use Oracle Hyperion Planning. Oracle Hyperion Planning is a software that includes functionalities for handling .BQY files as part of its business intelligence tools. This software is part of Oracle's suite of applications designed for business performance management.

Additional Information: The Brio software, which creates .BQY files, has been used historically to send these files via email to clients or co-workers for business intelligence purposes. Over time, Brio software was acquired by different companies and eventually became part of Oracle's Hyperion Performance Management software. This transition means that while older methods like the Brio Insight plug-in might be outdated, newer Oracle products can still manage and utilize .BQY files effectively.


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