.BRR File Extension

A .BRR file is a SNES Sample File, created by N/A.

Open with AddmusicK. Available for Windows.

What is a .BRR file?

A .BRR file is a type of audio file specifically used by Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) video games. This file format contains sound samples, such as musical instruments and voices, stored in a compressed way. These sounds are part of what you hear when playing SNES games, and they contribute to the game's soundtrack, which is saved in .SPC files.

The term BRR stands for Bit Rate Reduction or Bit Rate Reduced. This is a method of audio compression used by the SNES's SPC700 sound coprocessor. Similar compression techniques are also utilized by audio processors in the PlayStation and Philips CD-i systems.

To work with BRR files, you can use several specific programs: - **AddmusicK**: This tool allows you to extract BRR files from SNES game ROMs. It's useful if you want to access or modify the sound samples from a game. - **BRR Player**: As the name suggests, this program can play BRR files, letting you listen to the sounds stored in these files. - **BRR tools**: This set of tools can convert BRR files to WAV files, which are a standard audio file format that can be played on most devices. It can also convert WAV files back to BRR format and extract BRR files from .SPC files into WAV files.

These tools are essential for anyone interested in studying, modifying, or simply listening to the sound samples from SNES games.


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