.BRS File Extension

A .BRS file is a RoboHelp Browse Sequence File, created by Adobe Systems.

Open with Adobe RoboHelp. Available for Windows.

What is a .BRS file?

The file extension .BRS refers to a RoboHelp Browse Sequence File. This type of file is generated by Adobe RoboHelp, a software program designed specifically for creating help documentation for Windows applications. A .BRS file contains a browse sequence, which is essentially a predefined path that guides the users through a series of related help topics in a logical order. This helps users understand and use the software more effectively by providing step-by-step assistance.

The browse sequence stored in the .BRS file is part of a larger RoboHelp project, which is typically saved with the .XPJ file extension. When working within RoboHelp, you can create and edit these browse sequences by accessing the Browse Sequence Editor, which can be found under the Tools menu.

Since .BRS files are saved in plain text format, they can be opened and viewed not only with Adobe RoboHelp but also with any standard text editor, such as Notepad in Windows or TextEdit in macOS. This allows for manual editing or review of the browse sequence outside of the RoboHelp environment.

In summary, .BRS files are crucial for developers and technical writers who are creating comprehensive help systems for software applications, enabling them to structure the help topics in a user-friendly manner. The primary program to open and edit these files is Adobe RoboHelp, although any text editor can be used for viewing and basic editing.


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