.BSG File Extension

A .BSG file is a Besiege Machine File, created by Spiderling Studios.

Open with Spiderling Studios Besiege. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .BSG file?

A .BSG file is a type of file used by the game Besiege, which is developed by Spiderling Studios. Besiege is a game set in medieval times where players design and build various machines, like catapults or other vehicles, to complete tasks such as destroying castles or overcoming obstacles.

The .BSG file contains all the details of a machine that a player has created in the game. This includes the structure, components, and how they are assembled. The information in the file is formatted in XML, which is a way of encoding data that both humans and machines can read.

To open and use a .BSG file, you primarily need the Besiege game itself. Within Besiege, you can load these files to see and use the custom machines. This is done by selecting "Load machine" from the game's menu or by placing the .BSG file in a specific folder within the game's installation directory. The exact location depends on your operating system: - For Windows users, place the file in the `\Besiege_Data\SavedMachine` folder. - For macOS users, right-click on Besiege in the "Applications" folder, then navigate to the "Contents" folder and place the file in the "SavedMachines" folder. - For Linux users, the file should also be placed in the `\Besiege_Data\SavedMachine` folder.

Additionally, if you want to edit a .BSG file, you can use the BSG File Editor, a tool specifically designed for modifying these files. This editor allows you to change the design of your machines or vehicles. Alternatively, since the file is in XML format, you can also use any standard XML or text editor to make changes directly to the file.

.BSG files are often shared among players who enjoy creating and testing each other’s designs, enhancing the game's community and collaborative aspects.


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