.BT! File Extension

A .BT! file is a BitSpirit Incomplete Download File, created by BitSpirit.

Open with BitSpirit. Available for Windows.

What is a .BT! file?

The file extension .BT! represents a BitSpirit Incomplete Download File. This type of file is a partially downloaded file that is specifically created by BitSpirit, which is a program used for downloading torrents. The .BT! extension is added to files that are still in the process of being downloaded, but only if the user has enabled the option "Add .bt! extension to unfinished files" in the BitSpirit settings. This option can be found under "File Options" in the program's preferences.

When you see a file with the .BT! extension, it indicates that the download is not yet complete. The file is actively being downloaded, and you cannot use it as you would a fully downloaded file. Once the download is fully completed, BitSpirit automatically removes the ".bt!" extension from the file, converting it into its original format, which can then be opened and used normally.

To open a .BT! file, you should continue using BitSpirit, as it is the program that manages the download and will ultimately remove the temporary extension once the download is complete. Other programs typically cannot open these incomplete files because they are not in their final form and parts of the data are still missing.

It's important to note that BitTorrent, another popular torrent downloading program, uses a similar but different extension, .!BT, for its incomplete download files. This distinction is crucial for understanding which program is being used for your downloads and ensuring compatibility and correct handling of the files.


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