.BTR File Extension

A .BTR file is a Btrieve Database File, created by Pervasive Software.

Open with Pervasive Btrieve Database Manager. Available for Windows.

What is a .BTR file?

The file extension .BTR is associated with a Btrieve Database File. This type of file is created by Btrieve, which is a specialized database management program known for its fast processing capabilities. A .BTR file contains a collection of records that are organized in a specific way that Btrieve can efficiently manage. These records are used to store various types of data within the database, and they can be accessed, managed, and manipulated using Btrieve.

The .BTR file is crucial for applications that rely on quick data retrieval and robust transaction support, making it suitable for businesses and software that require high-speed database operations. Additionally, these files are often used to generate reports based on the data they contain.

To open and work with a .BTR file, you can use several programs: 1. **Pervasive Btrieve Database Manager** - This program is designed to manage Btrieve databases and can open and manipulate .BTR files. 2. **Pervasive PSQL Maintenance Utility** - This utility helps in the maintenance and management of PSQL databases, which includes Btrieve files. 3. **Legend Software BTRIEVE Viewer** - This is a viewing tool that allows users to view and query the data stored in .BTR files without the need for full database management software.

It's important to note that .BTR files usually work together with a set of Data Definition Files (DDF). These DDF files describe the structure of the database, including the organization of tables and fields within the .BTR file. Having these definition files is essential for the database system to understand how the data is structured and to ensure that the data can be correctly accessed and managed.

In summary, if you have a .BTR file, you will need one of the specialized programs mentioned above to open and interact with the data stored in this type of database file. These tools will help you manage the database, perform maintenance tasks, or simply view the data contained within the file.


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