.BUD File Extension

A .BUD file is a Binary Printer Description File, created by Microsoft.

Open with Microsoft Windows. Available for Windows.

What is a .BUD file?

The .BUD file extension refers to a Binary Printer Description File. This type of file is a binary file, which means it is written in a format that is intended for computers to read, not humans. These files are created by the Windows operating system, specifically in versions Windows 2000 or Windows XP, when documents are sent to a printer. The purpose of a .BUD file is to help improve the efficiency of the printer's spooler system, which manages the print jobs sent to the printer.

The .BUD files are usually generated from .GPD files. GPD stands for Generic Printer Description, and these files contain the settings for how documents should be formatted and printed. If there is an update to the GPD parser, which is the software that reads the GPD files, the corresponding .BUD file needs to be regenerated to reflect the changes.

To open or handle .BUD files, you generally don't need to do anything manually, as they are managed by the Windows operating system itself. However, users might come across these files when there is a problem with printing, especially after installing a new printer driver, a service pack, a system update, or a printer-specific hotfix. These updates can cause the .BUD file to need regeneration, which can take several hours. During this time, if you try to print, you might see errors such as notifications that the print queue is full.

In summary, .BUD files are essential for the efficient operation of printers in older versions of Windows, and they are automatically handled by the system. If you encounter issues related to .BUD files, it usually involves waiting for the system to update or regenerate these files to resolve printing errors.


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