.BUS File Extension

A .BUS file is a VirtualBus Board Parameters File, created by MR Software.

Open with MR Software OMSI The Bus Simulator 2. Available for Windows.

What is a .BUS file?

The .BUS file extension is associated with a type of file known as a VirtualBus Board Parameters File. This file is specifically created and used by a computer game called OMSI The Bus Simulator, which is a game that allows players to experience the role of driving a bus. The .BUS file contains important configuration data that determines how buses within the game operate and appear to the player. This includes settings like the bus's speed capabilities and what the bus looks like.

The .BUS file is similar to other configuration files used in OMSI The Bus Simulator, such as .HUM (for human models), .SLI (for slide images), .SCO (for scenarios), and .OVH (for overhead contact line systems). These files all contribute to how various elements within the game are displayed and behave.

To open and modify a .BUS file, you would typically use the program MR Software OMSI The Bus Simulator 2. This is the software that originally creates and can also read these files. When editing a .BUS file, the data must be formatted correctly to be recognized by the game. The format generally consists of lines of data, each starting with a keyword followed by numerical values, structured like this: [keyword] 1 2 3. The game will only recognize and apply data formatted in this specific way.

In summary, if you are looking to customize how buses appear and operate in OMSI The Bus Simulator, you would use the .BUS file. You can open and edit this file using MR Software OMSI The Bus Simulator 2, ensuring that all data entries adhere to the required format.


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