.BWI File Extension

A .BWI file is a BlindWrite CD/DVD Disc Image, created by VSO Software.

Open with VSO Software BlindWrite. Available for Windows.

What is a .BWI file?

The file extension .BWI is associated with a BlindWrite CD/DVD Disc Image. This type of file is a disc image, which means it is a complete copy of the contents of a CD or DVD. These files are primarily created using BlindWrite, a software program designed for copying CDs and DVDs, especially useful for backing up game discs. However, .BWI files can also be opened and used by other disc imaging applications.

The .BWI file format is useful for people who want to create backups of their game discs to prevent damage to the original media. It captures all the data from the disc, allowing users to recreate the original disc by burning the image onto a new CD or DVD.

To open a .BWI file, you can use several programs: 1. **VSO Software BlindWrite** - This is the primary software for creating and opening .BWI files. It offers tools for copying and backing up CDs and DVDs. 2. **H+H Software Virtual CD** - This program can mount .BWI files as a virtual CD/DVD drive on your computer, allowing you to access the files as though you have inserted the actual disc into your computer. 3. **DT Soft DAEMON Tools** - DAEMON Tools can also mount .BWI files virtually, enabling you to run the disc image without having to burn it to a physical disc. 4. **EZB Systems UltraISO** - UltraISO can extract, create, edit, and convert CD/DVD image files, including .BWI files. It can also be used to manage and organize these files.

Using these programs, you can access the contents of a .BWI file, whether for gaming, data retrieval, or disc duplication purposes.


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