.BWT File Extension

A .BWT file is a BlindWrite 4 Track Information FIle, created by VSO Software.

Open with VSO Software BlindWrite. Available for Windows.

What is a .BWT file?

A .BWT file is a type of file known as a BlindWrite 4 Track Information File. It is created by a software program called BlindWrite 4.x, which is designed to run on Windows computers. This program is primarily used for copying games and creating backups of various disc types, such as CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays.

The .BWT file itself contains important information that helps describe the structure of a disc image, which is usually saved with a .BWI file extension. In a .BWT file, you might find details such as the name of the artist and the duration of audio tracks if the disc is a CD, or the length of different features if the disc is a DVD.

To open a .BWT file, you can use software like VSO Software's BlindWrite or EZB Systems' UltraISO. These programs are specifically designed to handle files created by BlindWrite and other similar disc imaging and copying applications.

When you use BlindWrite 4.x to make a copy of a disc, the software typically generates three files: a .BWT file (track information file), a .BWI file (the actual disc image file), and a .BWS file (which contains sub channel data). The .BWI file is generally larger because it contains the complete disc image, while the .BWS file is smaller and optional, containing additional data that may be used for more accurate disc copying.

It's important to note that .BWT files were specific to BlindWrite version 4. With the release of BlindWrite version 5, the format was updated to .B5T files, and subsequently to .B6T files with the release of BlindWrite version 6.

BlindWrite software allows you to copy content from CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and games, and then burn these copies onto new discs, effectively helping you back up your media and game libraries.


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