.BYU File Extension

A .BYU file is a Brigham Young University Movie File, created by BYU.

Open with ReadMovieBYUFile. Available for Windows.

What is a .BYU file?

The .BYU file extension is associated with a specific type of animation file known as the Brigham Young University Movie File, or more commonly referred to as the "Movie.BYU" format. This format was developed at Brigham Young University (BYU) and is unique to that institution. The files saved with a .BYU extension contain animation data that includes vector images, polygons, and coordinates. These elements are used to create animated sequences that can be viewed or edited.

The .BYU files are typically named "movie.byu" by default, indicating their standard naming convention and association with the BYU format. This format is proprietary, meaning it was specifically created for use within certain environments or systems associated with Brigham Young University, and may not be widely supported by common animation software.

To open a .BYU file, you will need a specialized program called ReadMovieBYUFile. This program is designed to read and process the data contained within .BYU files, allowing users to view or manipulate the animations as intended. It is important to use this specific software because other common multimedia or animation programs may not support the proprietary .BYU format.


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