.BZW File Extension

A .BZW file is a BZFlag World File, created by

Open with BZFlag. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .BZW file?

The .BZW file extension stands for BZFlag World File. It is a type of file used specifically by BZFlag, which is a 3D multiplayer tank simulation game that can be played from a first-person perspective. The .BZW file contains the layout or map for the game world. This map is written in plain text and includes definitions for various 3D objects that make up the game environment. These objects can include landforms, bodies of water, and different 3D shapes like boxes, cones, and spheres. Additionally, the file can specify important game elements such as teleporters and weapons.

The .BZW files are crucial for creating custom maps in BZFlag. When a BZFlag server starts up, it loads these world files. Then, as players join the game, the server distributes the map information to them. If needed, these files can be manually loaded onto a server using the "-world" command-line option.

Several programs can open and edit .BZW files. The primary program is BZFlag itself. Other tools include BZEdit (though it is now discontinued), BzfEd, pyBZEdit, and iBZEdit. Additionally, Blender, a popular 3D modeling tool, can work with .BZW files if equipped with the BZWTools plug-in. This allows for more advanced editing of the 3D elements within the file.

BZFlag, short for "Battle Zone capture the Flag," is an open-source game available on multiple platforms including Mac, Windows, and Unix. It utilizes OpenGL technology to render its graphics, providing a rich visual experience in a 3D environment.


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