.C2U File Extension

A .C2U file is a Texas Instruments CBL 2 OS File, created by Texas Instruments.

Open with Texas Instruments TI Connect. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .C2U file?

The .C2U file extension is used for a specific type of file called a Texas Instruments CBL 2 OS File. This file contains the operating system (OS) for the CBL 2 device, which is a portable tool made by Texas Instruments for collecting data. The CBL 2 is designed to work with Texas Instruments graphing calculators, allowing users to collect real-world data, like temperature or speed, and then analyze this data directly on their calculators. CBL stands for "Calculator-Based Laboratory," indicating that this system turns a calculator into a portable laboratory for experiments.

To update or install the operating system on a CBL 2 device, you would use a program called TI Connect. TI Connect is software developed by Texas Instruments that enables communication between their calculators (and devices like the CBL 2) and computers, whether they are Macs or PCs. This means you can connect your CBL 2 device to a computer using TI Connect, and then transfer the .C2U file to the device to update its operating system.

In summary, if you have a .C2U file, it's meant to be used with a Texas Instruments CBL 2 device, and you'll need the TI Connect program to open and install the file onto the device. This process allows your CBL 2 to be updated with the latest features or fixes provided by the new operating system contained within the .C2U file.


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