.C3D File Extension

A .C3D file is a Coordinate 3D File, created by ADTech.

Open with Motion Lab Systems C3Deditor. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .C3D file?

A .C3D file is a special kind of computer file that is used to keep information about how things move in three dimensions, which is really important for studying how bodies move. Think of it as a digital box that holds all the details about movements, like how you walk or wave your hand, in a way that computers can understand. This is super useful for scientists and doctors who study human movement, as well as for people making movies or video games where they want characters to move realistically.

The "C3D" in .C3D stands for Coordinate 3D, which means it's all about recording and keeping track of movements in a 3D space. This format is pretty neat because it can squeeze a lot of information into a small space, making it easier to handle and share. Plus, it's set up so you can add extra details specific to your project without messing up the basic movement data.

This type of file was first created by a smart person named Dr. Andrew Dainis back in the early 1980s. Since then, it's become a go-to way for people working with 3D movement data to store and share their work, whether they're helping athletes improve their performance, studying how to make prosthetics better, or creating animated movies.

To look at or change the information in a .C3D file, you would use special computer programs designed for that purpose. Some of these programs include Motion Lab Systems C3Deditor, AnyBody Modeling System, C-Motion Visual3D, and Mokka. These tools let you dive into the data, see the movements in 3D, and even tweak things if you need to. It's like having a high-tech way to study and work with the way things move in the real world, all from your computer.


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