.C4D File Extension

A .C4D file is a Cinema 4D Model, created by Maxon Computer.

Open with Maxon Cinema 4D. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .C4D file?

A .C4D file is a type of file that is made using a program called Maxon Cinema 4D. This program is used by professionals to create 3D models and animations. Think of it like creating a sculpture on a computer, but this sculpture can also move. The .C4D file holds everything about this digital sculpture or scene, such as where things are placed, how they rotate, the shape of objects (meshes), and any movements they might make (animations). People who use Cinema 4D will save their work in these .C4D files, and they might also change these files into pictures or videos to share with others.

To open a .C4D file, you can use several programs: 1. **Maxon Cinema 4D**: This is the main program that creates these files. If you have this program, you can open, edit, and make changes to the .C4D file.

2. **Adobe After Effects 2023**: This is a program used for adding effects to videos. It can also open .C4D files, allowing you to add 3D models into your video projects.

3. **Unity Technologies Unity**: Unity is a game development platform. It can open .C4D files to use the 3D models inside video games, making the game environment or characters look more realistic.

4. **Okino Computer Graphics PolyTrans**: This is a program used for converting 3D models from one format to another. It can open .C4D files and change them into different formats that other programs can use.

So, if you have a .C4D file, you can choose one of these programs to open and work with it, depending on what you want to do—whether it's editing the model, adding it to a video, using it in a game, or converting it to a different format.


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