.C4P File Extension

A .C4P file is a CrossOver Software Installer File, created by Codeweavers.

Open with CodeWeavers CrossOver. Available for Linux and Mac.

What is a .C4P file?

The .C4P file extension is associated with a type of file known as a CrossOver Software Installer File. This kind of file is specifically used by a program called CrossOver. CrossOver is a special software that allows you to run Windows programs on computers that use Mac or Linux operating systems. This means if you have a program that is normally only for Windows computers, you can still use it on your Mac or Linux computer with the help of CrossOver.

A .C4P file contains important setup information that CrossOver needs to install a Windows program on a Mac or Linux system. Think of it as a set of instructions that tells CrossOver how to properly set up the Windows program on your non-Windows computer.

To use a .C4P file, you typically just need to double-click on it. However, this only works if you already have CrossOver installed on your computer. Once you double-click the .C4P file, CrossOver reads the instructions inside it and starts the process of installing the Windows program on your Mac or Linux machine.

The main program that opens a .C4P file is CodeWeavers CrossOver. CodeWeavers is the company that makes CrossOver, and their software is designed to work with these files directly. It's important to note that the .C4P format is an older format and has been replaced by a newer format called .TIE. However, if you come across a .C4P file and you have CrossOver, you should still be able to use it to install your Windows program on a Mac or Linux computer.


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