.CAMTEMPLATE File Extension

A .CAMTEMPLATE file is a Camtasia Template, created by TechSmith.

Open with TechSmith Camtasia. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .CAMTEMPLATE file?

A .CAMTEMPLATE file is a type of file used by a program called TechSmith Camtasia, which is a tool for recording what's happening on your computer screen and editing those recordings into videos. This file is special because it's a template, meaning it's like a pre-made project that you can use to start new projects. Inside a .CAMTEMPLATE file, there are things like media files (which could be pictures or sounds), edits you've made to videos, and settings for how the video timeline should look. This is really helpful if you're making videos that all need to have a similar style or content, because you can set everything up once in your template, and then use that as a starting point every time you make a new video.

.CAMTEMPLATE files are a bit like two other types of files you might come across in Camtasia, called .TSCPROJ and .CMPROJ. These are also project files, but the .CAMTEMPLATE is specifically for creating templates, not just any project.

If you have a .CAMTEMPLATE file that you want to open, you'll need to use TechSmith Camtasia. This is the program that can understand what's inside the .CAMTEMPLATE file and let you work with it. You can't just open this type of file with any program; it has to be TechSmith Camtasia.


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