.CBS File Extension

A .CBS file is a Code Breaker PS2 Save File, created by Pelican Accessories.

Open with mymc. Available for Windows.

What is a .CBS file?

The file extension .CBS stands for Code Breaker PS2 Save File. It is a type of file used with the PlayStation 2 gaming console. The .CBS file contains a saved game state, which means it stores information about a player's progress in a specific video game. This file is created by a program called Code Breaker, which is used on the PlayStation 2 to create cheats for games or to transfer saved games to a computer.

The .CBS file allows players to save their game at a particular point and then load that preconfigured state later. This can be useful for skipping difficult parts of a game or for accessing certain levels without having to play through the entire game again.

To open a .CBS file, you can use a program called mymc. This program is specifically designed to work with PlayStation 2 save files. It allows you to manage these files on your computer, and you can also use it to convert .CBS files into other formats like .PSU and .MAX, which are also used for PlayStation 2 game saves. This conversion can be helpful if you need to use the save file with different software or on a different gaming setup.


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