.CCD File Extension

A .CCD file is a CloneCD Control File, created by SlySoft.

Open with ccd2iso. Available for Linux and Windows.

What is a .CCD file?

A .CCD file is a type of file used by the program CloneCD to store information about the layout of a CD or DVD. This file is part of a set that includes an .IMG file, which contains the actual data from the disc, and a .SUB file, which holds additional details about the data tracks. The .CCD file itself does not contain the disc's data but has important information on how the tracks and headers are organized on the original disc.

To use the data stored in these files, you need all three files (.IMG, .CCD, and .SUB) together. This set of files can be used to create an exact copy of the original disc, which is useful for backing up your CDs and DVDs. The .CCD file is crucial because it tells the burning software how to correctly reconstruct the disc from the .IMG file.

You can open and work with .CCD files using various software programs. Some of the programs that can handle .CCD files include: - **ccd2iso**: This tool can convert CCD files into a more common ISO format, which many other programs can open. - **SlySoft CloneCD**: Originally designed for copying CDs and DVDs, this program can directly use .CCD files to recreate discs. - **SlySoft Virtual CloneDrive**: This software allows you to 'mount' the .IMG file as if it were a physical disc, using the .CCD file to understand its structure. - **H+H Software Virtual CD**: This program can create virtual drives from .CCD files. - **Lightning UK! ImgBurn**: Known for handling various disc image files, it can also work with .CCD files to burn new discs. - **Smart Projects IsoBuster**: This is a recovery tool that can also manage .CCD files among many other formats. - **Sysprogs WinCDEmu**: A free tool that can mount various disc image formats including .CCD files. - **Power Software gBurner**: This is another versatile disc-burning tool that supports .CCD files.

Although the original CloneCD software is no longer updated, these other programs provide options for working with .CCD files, whether you are looking to convert them to another format or use them to burn a new disc.


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