.CDD File Extension

A .CDD file is a ConceptDraw DIAGRAM Document (Legacy), created by Computer Systems Odessa.

Open with CS Odessa ConceptDraw DIAGRAM. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .CDD file?

A .CDD file is a type of document created using CS Odessa's ConceptDraw DIAGRAM software, which is a tool designed for making different kinds of diagrams like flowcharts and technical drawings. This file format holds information for a single diagram, which could be a flowchart, a technical drawing, or a conceptual diagram. Additionally, it can include scripts written in ConceptDraw Basic, a scripting language used to change drawing elements or to automate tasks that need to be done repeatedly.

The .CDD file format was used in older versions of the ConceptDraw software. However, when CS Odessa released version 10 of ConceptDraw PRO, which is now known as ConceptDraw DIAGRAM, they started using a new file format called .CDDZ. Therefore, .CDD is considered a legacy format in the newer versions of the software.

To open a .CDD file, you can use the ConceptDraw DIAGRAM software by CS Odessa. This program supports both the old .CDD files and the newer .CDDZ files, making it versatile for accessing diagrams created in different versions of the software.


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