.CDP File Extension

A .CDP file is a Trainz Simulator Content Dispatcher Pack, created by N3V Games.

Open with N3V Games Trainz Simulator. Available for Windows.

What is a .CDP file?

The .CDP file extension is associated with Trainz Simulator, a series of railroad simulation games. These files are known as Trainz Simulator Content Dispatcher Packs. They contain additional content for the game, including new train routes, locomotive designs, and various types of scenery. This extra content enhances the gaming experience by providing more options for gameplay.

To use these .CDP files, players must import them into the game using specific tools provided within the Trainz Simulator software. The primary tools for this purpose are the Content Dispatcher and Content Manager Plus. Once imported, the files are typically stored in the World\Dispatcher\Downloads folder within the Trainz Simulator game directory.

Several programs developed by N3V Games can open .CDP files. These include: - Trainz Simulator: A comprehensive railroad simulation game that allows for detailed customization and gameplay. - Trainz Classics: A version of the game that focuses on classic train models and routes. - Trainz Driver: A more streamlined version of Trainz designed for casual play. - Trainz Railway: Another variant of Trainz that may focus on specific railway systems. - Trainz CDP Batcher: A utility tool for managing multiple .CDP files. - Trainz Pro Routes CDP Browser: A tool specifically designed for browsing and managing .CDP files.

It is important to note that while .CDP files are primarily used in Trainz Simulator games, the file extension .CDP was also used in older versions of ConceptDraw PROJECT, a project management software. In ConceptDraw PROJECT, .CDP files were used to display project dashboards that summarize key performance indicators. However, newer versions of ConceptDraw PROJECT no longer support .CDP files.


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