.CDT File Extension

A .CDT file is a CorelDRAW Template (Legacy), created by Sony.

Open with VideoLAN VLC media player. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .CDT file?

The .CDT file extension refers to a "CorelDRAW Template (Legacy)" file, which is primarily used in older versions of the CorelDRAW software. However, the description provided seems to be mismatched as it describes an audio disc metadata file, typically associated with CD-Text data used in the creation of audio CDs.

CD-Text files contain information about the audio tracks on a CD, such as the album name, artist, and song titles. This data is used by various disc ripping, authoring, and burning software to help organize and label the contents of an audio CD.

To handle and view the contents of these files, you can use several programs: 1. **VideoLAN VLC media player** - This is a versatile media player that can also read CD-Text information from audio CDs. It works on both Windows and Linux systems and requires the libcdio library to process CD-Text data. 2. **Nero 2022** - A popular choice for burning CDs and DVDs, Nero can create and burn CD images including those with CD-Text. 3. **Smart Projects IsoBuster** - This tool is great for recovering data from various types of disk images and can read CD-Text information. 4. **Foobar2000** - A freeware audio player that can handle a wide range of audio formats and also supports CD-Text. 5. **PowerISO** - Useful for creating, managing, and burning various types of disc images, including those containing CD-Text. 6. **Roxio Toast 20** - This is a comprehensive CD and DVD burning program for Mac that supports CD-Text.

It's important to note that while the file extension .CDT is typically associated with CorelDRAW templates, in the context of the description provided, it seems to be used differently, possibly as part of a set of files (.CUE and .BIN) that together make up an audio disc image. This usage is less common and might be specific to certain software applications or systems.


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