.CDX File Extension

A .CDX file is a Compound Index File, created by Microsoft.

Open with Microsoft Visual FoxPro. Available for Windows.

What is a .CDX file?

A .CDX file is a type of file known as a Compound Index File. It is used to organize and manage a list of files or data that are stored within a database. This file format helps in quickly finding and accessing specific data because it acts like a detailed map of all the data contained in the database.

The .CDX file format is particularly associated with Microsoft Visual FoxPro, which is a program designed to handle database management tasks on Windows computers. Visual FoxPro introduced this file format in its second version. Although similar to the .IDX file, which is another type of index file, the .CDX file is more complex. In a .CDX file, the lowest level, called leaf nodes, directly points to tags within the index, making it a "compound" index because it combines multiple levels of indexing.

There are two main types of .CDX files: 1. Structural CDX file: This type is automatically opened and updated by Visual FoxPro whenever the database table it is associated with is accessed. It requires that no other processes use the table at the same time. 2. Non-structural CDX file: This type is not automatically managed by Visual FoxPro. It can be accessed and updated without needing exclusive access to the database table, which means other processes can work with the table simultaneously.

To open a .CDX file, you would typically use Microsoft Visual FoxPro. However, it's important to note that Microsoft discontinued Visual FoxPro in 2007, so finding support or additional tools to work with .CDX files might require looking for older software versions or exploring third-party options that support legacy file formats.

In summary, a .CDX file helps manage and index data in databases, particularly in environments using Microsoft Visual FoxPro, facilitating efficient data retrieval by organizing data in a multi-level index system.


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