.CEL File Extension

A .CEL file is a Audition Loop, created by Affymetrix.

Open with multi-aff-py. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .CEL file?

A .CEL file is a type of data file used specifically in the field of genetics. It is created by software that analyzes images from DNA microarrays, particularly those made by a company called Affymetrix. These microarrays, known as GeneChips, are tools used in experiments to study genetic information.

The .CEL file contains important data collected from the microarray. On the GeneChip, there are many small spots called "probes." Each probe collects data from a specific part of the DNA being studied. The .CEL file records the information from these probes, which includes thousands of data points about the DNA. This can make the .CEL file quite large.

The data in a .CEL file is crucial for understanding genetic differences, such as single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), which are small variations in the DNA that can affect how humans and animals develop diseases. Researchers use this data to look for patterns or changes in the DNA that could explain why diseases occur.

To use the data stored in .CEL files, you need specific software capable of processing and visualizing this information. Some of the programs that can open and work with .CEL files include: - **multi-aff-py**: A Python library for handling multiple Affymetrix file formats. - **Affymetrix Tiling Analysis Software**: Designed specifically for analyzing data from Affymetrix microarrays. - **The MathWorks MATLAB**: A high-level technical computing software that includes functions like `affyread` to read .CEL files. - **VSN GenStat**: A statistical software package that can analyze complex data. - **RMAExpress**: A program used for processing microarray data. - **dChip**: Although now discontinued, this was once a popular tool for analyzing microarray data.

It's important to note that .CEL files are often accompanied by a .CDF file. The .CDF file acts like a dictionary that explains the raw data in the .CEL file, telling the software how to interpret each piece of data correctly.

In summary, .CEL files are vital for genetic research and require specific software to open and analyze their contents effectively. These files help scientists understand genetic information that could lead to breakthroughs in understanding and treating diseases.


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