.CFS File Extension

A .CFS file is a Compact File Set Archive, created by Apache.

Open with Lucene. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .CFS file?

The file extension .CFS stands for Compact File Set Archive. This type of file is primarily associated with Lucene, which is a library for text searching, written in the Java programming language. A .CFS file is used to store multiple index files together into one single, compound file or archive. This method is beneficial because it simplifies the management of these index files. However, it's important to note that using .CFS files might result in a slight decrease in performance speed when searching.

Lucene, starting from version 1.4 and onwards, uses .CFS files by default. This means that if you are using Lucene version 1.4 or higher, it will automatically create and use .CFS files for handling indexes.

To open a .CFS file, you will need to use the Lucene software. Since Lucene is designed to interact with these files, it provides the necessary tools to open, manage, and utilize the data contained within .CFS files effectively.


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