.CFX File Extension

A .CFX file is a Flow-Cal Data File, created by Flow-Cal.

Open with FLOWCAL Enterprise. Available for Windows.

What is a .CFX file?

A .CFX file is a type of data file specifically used by a software program called FLOWCAL. This program is designed to manage and analyze measurements of gas and liquids, which are crucial in industries like oil and gas. The data contained in a CFX file includes important information such as the flow rates and configurations of meters that measure the flow of gases and liquids. This information is essential for tasks like oil well testing and ensuring accurate flow measurements.

The .CFX file format is particularly secure because it is encrypted. This encryption helps to protect the data by preventing any unauthorized changes or manipulations. This is important to maintain the accuracy and integrity of the data.

These files are typically generated by devices known as remote operations controllers, for example, the ROC800L. These devices are set up in the field to automatically measure and control the flow of substances like liquid hydrocarbons.

To open and work with a .CFX file, you would use the FLOWCAL Enterprise software. This application is capable of handling various tasks such as validating, storing, balancing, and reporting the data collected in .CFX files. This makes it a vital tool for professionals in the field of gas and liquid measurement.


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