.CGD File Extension

A .CGD file is a Common Grid File, created by N/A.

Open with The NPARC Alliance Wind-US. Available for Windows.

What is a .CGD file?

A .CGD file is known as a Common Grid File and is primarily used in scientific fields that study the behavior of fluids, which includes liquids, gases, and plasmas. These files are saved in the Boeing Common File Format (CFF), a specialized format designed to handle data related to fluid mechanics. The data in a CGD file typically includes the x, y, and z coordinates of grid points. These points represent data collected from experiments or simulations that analyze how fluids flow. Additionally, CGD files contain details about the grid itself, such as the units used for measurements, scaling information, and how different zones within the grid interact or connect.

If you work in areas like astrophysics, meteorology, geophysics, oceanography, or various engineering disciplines (such as civil, mechanical, chemical, or biomedical engineering), you might need to use CGD files. These files are crucial for analyzing and understanding fluid dynamics in these fields.

To open a CGD file, you would typically use a program called Wind-US. Wind-US is a computational tool developed for solving equations related to fluid mechanics. It is part of a collaboration known as the NPARC Alliance, which includes the NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC) and the Arnold Engineering Development Complex (AEDC), with involvement from The Boeing Company. This program not only opens CGD files but can also create them. If you have grid data in another format, like the PLOT3D XYZ format, you can convert it to the CGD format using a conversion utility called "cfcnvt," which is included with the Wind-US program.

In summary, if you are dealing with fluid mechanics data, especially in a scientific or engineering context, you might use .CGD files. These files can be opened and managed using the Wind-US program, which is specifically designed for such tasks.


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