.CGI File Extension

A .CGI file is a Common Gateway Interface Script, created by N/A.

Open with Richardson EditRocket. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .CGI file?

A .CGI file is a script used by web servers to generate dynamic web pages. These scripts are usually written in programming languages like Perl or C. When a user accesses a webpage that requires some form of dynamic content, such as user input or real-time updates, the web server executes the CGI script to generate the necessary web page content on the fly.

CGI files are commonly found in a special directory on the web server known as the "cgi-bin." This directory is specifically used to store CGI scripts ensuring they are organized and securely managed. It's important to note that if a CGI script is pre-compiled, it cannot be edited; only non-compiled, plain-text scripts can be modified.

Programs to Open .CGI Files: 1. **Richardson EditRocket** - A versatile text and source code editor that supports various programming languages, including those used for CGI scripts. 2. **Notepad++** - A popular text editor among programmers for its support for multiple languages and its user-friendly interface. 3. **Microsoft Notepad** - Included with Windows operating systems, this basic text editor can open and edit CGI files, although it lacks advanced features. 4. **gVim** - An advanced text editor based on the Unix Vi editor, providing powerful features and customization options. 5. **Bare Bones BBEdit** - A professional HTML and text editor for macOS, known for its robust set of features to enhance productivity. 6. **MacroMates TextMate** - Another macOS-based text editor that offers a wide range of features for programming and project management. 7. **File Viewer Plus** (available from Microsoft Store) - This program not only allows you to view the content of CGI files but also supports editing and converting various file formats. 8. **Other text editors** - Various other text editors can also open and edit CGI files, depending on your specific needs and platform availability.

When choosing a program to open and edit CGI files, consider the specific features you might need, such as syntax highlighting, code folding, or support for specific programming languages used in CGI scripting.


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