.CHG File Extension

A .CHG file is a Quicken Online Data File, created by Intuit.

Open with Intuit Quicken. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .CHG file?

A .CHG file is a type of data file specifically used by an older version of Intuit Quicken, which is a software application designed for managing personal finances. This file extension, .CHG, stands for "Change" and was used to store financial information such as account details, transactions, and other related data.

Intuit Quicken, the program associated with .CHG files, helps users manage various financial accounts, track spending, budget effectively, and work towards financial goals like reducing debt. It organizes financial data, making it easier for users to see where their money goes and how they can control their spending.

However, it's important to note that .CHG files are considered obsolete because newer versions of Quicken no longer use this format to store data. As a result, these files are now rarely used and might only be found in older archives or backups made with early versions of Quicken.

If you need to open a .CHG file, you will require an older version of Intuit Quicken that still supports this file format. Newer versions of Quicken will not be able to open a .CHG file due to changes in the software's data storage format. Therefore, if accessing the data in a .CHG file is necessary, finding a compatible version of Quicken that can open these files is essential.


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