.CHV File Extension

A .CHV file is a ChView Interactive Star Map File, created by ChGroup.

Open with ChView. Available for Windows.

What is a .CHV file?

The .CHV file extension is associated with a type of data file known as a ChView Interactive Star Map File. This file is used by ChView, a software application designed for exploring interactive star maps. The .CHV file contains detailed information about the positions of stars within a three-dimensional space. Additionally, it can include connections or links between different stars, enhancing the map's interactivity.

Each star within the file can have various properties recorded, such as its name, the constellation it belongs to, its spectral type, mass, and other relevant astronomical data. This makes the .CHV file useful for both educational purposes and for those with a keen interest in astronomy.

The primary purpose of the .CHV file is to save and share detailed star maps. These maps can be based on actual astronomical data or they can depict theoretical or futuristic scenarios, such as maps showing potential interstellar colonization routes or speculative star systems.

To open a .CHV file, you will need to use the ChView program. This software is specifically designed to handle the data contained in .CHV files and allows users to navigate and explore the star maps interactively. Whether you are a student, researcher, or just someone fascinated by the stars, using ChView with .CHV files provides a detailed and immersive way to study the cosmos.


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