.CID File Extension

A .CID file is a Navigator Chart Image Description File, created by Navigator Software.

Open with Navigator. Available for Windows.

What is a .CID file?

A .CID file is a type of file known as a Navigator Chart Image Description File. It is used by a software program called Navigator, which is designed for celestial navigation. The purpose of a CID file is to store details about a chart image that is used within the Navigator program. These chart images are usually in the form of .GIF, .JPG, or .BMP files.

The information contained in a CID file includes: - The name of the chart image file it describes. - A description of the chart. - Reference points that help define specific locations on the image in terms of pixels. - An MD5 digital signature, which is a type of security code that verifies the integrity of the image. - The boundaries or limits of the chart.

These CID files are crucial because they help Navigator understand and display the chart images correctly. Users typically create these files by scanning paper charts and saving them as GIF, JPEG, or BMP files. After scanning, these files can be imported into Navigator using a feature called ChartMaker, which is part of the Navigator software. When a chart image is imported into Navigator using ChartMaker, a CID file is automatically created to store the chart's detailed information.

To open a .CID file, you will need to use the Navigator program. This program specifically handles the opening and processing of CID files to utilize the chart images effectively for navigation purposes.


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