.CIF File Extension

A .CIF file is a Easy CD Creator Disk Image, created by Corel.

Open with Roxio Creator NXT Pro 9. Available for Windows.

What is a .CIF file?

The .CIF file extension stands for a "CD Image File" and is associated with the Easy CD Creator Disk Image type. This type of file is essentially a digital copy of what would be on a CD disc. It was developed by Corel and is commonly used by Roxio Easy CD Creator software, now known as Roxio Creator. When you use a .CIF file on a computer with Windows operating system, it appears as if you have inserted a physical CD into the computer. You can see and access it just like a regular CD under "My Computer." This file format is particularly useful for making backup copies of CDs. This means you can save the entire contents of a CD onto your computer or another storage device, and it will include everything from the original CD.

To open or work with a .CIF file, you can use several programs: 1. **Roxio Creator NXT Pro 9** - This is the updated version of the original software that creates and uses .CIF files. 2. **MagicISO** - Although this program is no longer being updated, it can still be used to manage .CIF files. 3. **Smart Projects IsoBuster** - This tool is great for recovering data from various types of disk images, including .CIF files. 4. **EZB Systems UltraISO** - This program allows users to create, edit, and convert CD and DVD image files. 5. **CDmage** - This is another tool that can be used to open and manipulate .CIF files.

Additionally, the .CIF format is recognized for its structured data storage related to crystallography. It stores detailed information about crystal structures, such as audit details, atom types, cell parameters, database specifications, and refinement parameters. These details are organized into specific data categories like _audit_, _atom_, _cell_, _database_, and _refine_.

Overall, .CIF files are versatile and used both for creating physical CD backups and for detailed scientific data storage in fields like crystallography.


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