.CIT File Extension

A .CIT file is a Intergraph CCITT Image, created by In8.

Open with In8 Cite. Available for Windows.

What is a .CIT file?

A .CIT file is a type of file known as an Intergraph CCITT Image, but it is also used in a different context as a project file by the In8 Cite application, which is a tool designed for writing investigative reports. This file format is specifically used to store and organize information for report writing projects related to criminal investigations. When you create a report in In8 Cite, the application saves all the work as a .CIT file. This file includes the main report as well as a catalog or list of all the documents, evidence, and other materials that are referenced or cited in the report. This helps investigators keep their information organized and easily accessible.

To view or edit a .CIT file, you will need to use the In8 Cite software, as it is the primary program designed to handle this type of file. Other programs may not be able to open or properly display the contents of a .CIT file because it is formatted specifically for use with the In8 Cite application.


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