.CKD File Extension

A .CKD file is a KeyCreator Design File, created by Ubisoft.

Open with Blender. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .CKD file?

A .CKD file is a type of file known as a KeyCreator Design File. It is primarily used with the software KeyCreator, which was formerly known as CADKEY. This software is a tool used for creating and editing detailed 3D models and technical drawings. The .CKD file format became the default file format for KeyCreator after Kubotek acquired CADKEY in 2003.

The .CKD file contains all the necessary data for a 3D model or drawing, including the design's geometry, dimensions, and other related properties. These files are essential for engineers, designers, and architects who use KeyCreator for their CAD (Computer-Aided Design) projects.

To create a new .CKD file in KeyCreator, you would typically start by selecting "File" from the menu, then "New" or "New by Template." Once you have created your design or model, you can save your work as a .CKD file by going to "File" and then "Save." If you need to close your file, you can reopen it later to continue working on your project.

Additionally, if you want to share your .CKD files or use them in other applications, KeyCreator allows you to export these files into various other formats. To do this, go to "File," then "Export," and choose the format you need. Some of the formats you can export to include PDF (.PDF), Stereolithography (.STL), Wavefront OBJ (.OBJ), AutoCAD DXF (.DXF), JPEG (.JPG), TIFF (.TIF), and GIF (.GIF).

For opening and working with .CKD files, the primary software is Kubotek's KeyCreator. However, there might be other CAD programs capable of opening or converting .CKD files, so it's worth checking compatibility if you use different CAD software.


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